Enterprise Business IT Solutions


Enterprise Business IT Solutions

questionAre you looking to augment your current IT staff? Secure your critical corporate data? Reduce expenses on your infrastructure or help desk? Make sure your environment is capable of growing at the pace of your business?


If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then our Enterprise Managed Services  are the ideal fit for your organization.

Why Risk Your Business?

Disk DefragmenterAll you need to do is pick up the paper any day of the week to see why system protection is so important to your business. Weather related catastrophes including fires and floods, location issues such as lost power, failing environmental systems, disgruntled employees, accidents and even data breaches which can severely damage your reputation, all contribute to real business vulnerabilities. As important as employees are to your organization – you know if your systems are down, your business is down.

Our Wildcat! Technology Managed Services reduces your exposure significantly and allows your business to stay online.

Hidden Financial Risk

Hidden RiskAccording to a recent report from Dunn & Bradstreet, 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week. To put this in perspective, assume that an average Fortune 500 company has 10,000 employees who are paid an average of $56 per hour, including benefits.

If we look at costs simply at the employee level, a company could potentially lose $896,000 a week, which translates into more than $46 million per year. And these numbers do not take into account the potential loss of customers and other opportunity costs associated with these outages.

Our managed services also helps you reduce and optimize your IT spending, keep more of your internal resources focused on core business activities, and arms you with accurate data about the health and performance of your IT assets.

Improved Customer Service

Call CenterManaging a 24×7 support desk for your employees can be difficult and taxing to your internal resources, often leaving customers waiting for simple solutions and leaving your IT staff frustrated and feeling overworked.


Our large help desk solution brings proven help desk processes and technology to your immediate needs while driving down total cost of ownership. Wildcat! Technology’s Contact Center is always available to assist you with your software and hardware questions and issues.

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